Samlarobjekt Paul McCartney & Mulbery 

Samlarobjekt Paul McCartney & Mulbery

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Samlarobjekt Paul McCartney & MulberySamlarobjekt Paul McCartney & MulberySamlarobjekt Paul McCartney & Mulbery


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Säljer en raritet fen Mulberry seglarbag som gjordes
i samarbete med Paul McCartney och hans album
Flaming Pig (1997)

Väskan är i nyskick (aldrig använd) och gjordes i en
limiterad upplaga.

The kit bag has it's individually numbered brass tag
plus it opens at one end, has an outer zipped

"Our Scotchgrain is a robust water-proof material
backed with a strong woven cotten. It has been
made to the highest standards to endure the harsh
realities of international travel! Where leather has
been used it has been made from the finest harness
hides, and the bag has been fitted with solid brass

Those that know Mulberry know how limited and
desirable their pieces are; this coupled with the
McCartney customisation makes this a much sought
after collector's item.


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