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Totem Staff

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Totem Staff


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DEMOEX 3års garanti
All heart and soul
The Totem Sttaf is a journey into spatial sonority. Affordable and adaptable, the
Sttaf is a multi-functional speaker system that goes beyond established standards.
With the Sttaf, any kind of music is presented beautifully and honestly with
amazingly true bass extension, foundation and substance. Its energetic, harmonious
behavior makes it a distinctive choice for the seasoned ears.

The Sttaf’s proportions, cabinetry and classical elegance make for easy placement in
any room environment. Huge, large-gauge, air core coils in the crossover guarantee
that the speaker will never saturate in critical vocal and high- definition areas.
Adaptable and easy to use with many affordable stereo and A/V electronics, the
Totem Staff shines freely in every musical performance.

The speakers require several hours of actual music playing time as a minimal break-
in period. During this time, refrain from playing them at very loud levels. You will
notice a definite gradual improvement in the cohesiveness of the music
reproduction as this occurs.

It is only through the support of advocates such as yourself that true sound can be

Mass Loading: All Totem columns work very well without any type of mass loading.
However if stability is an issue or if there is a particular over emphasis in the bass in
the room they are used in, then mass loading can be experimented with. Variables
such as electronics, wiring and room dynamics play a definite role and therefore the
option is there for your experimentation. One may use: clean dry sand,silica sand,
dry particulate matter or non-odor kitty litter.

Toe-in: Due to the fact that all Totem speakers have great off-axis dispersion, toe-in
is generally not needed. Imaging will therefore be more stable from any point in the
room. If the speakers are placed very far apart (over 7 feet) then a slight toe-in may
be experimented with. However if room geometry does not permit a straight-ahead
aspect they will also perform very well with a slight toe-in.

Design features
• Ultra slim design and aesthetic compactness
• Multi-layered frequency extension
• Flexible installation close to back walls
• Smooth tonal balance and harmonic coherence
• Extremely wide imaging capability

Technical features
• Great bass extension and phase correctness
• Full mono-shell hand-assembled chassis
• Interlocking mitered joints
• Ultra-expansive borosilicate damping
• Ultra sophisticated, exclusive, hard-wired crossover

Break in time:
60 – 80 hours
Placement from rear wall:
1′ – 4′ / 304 – 1,219 mm
Placement distance apart:
4′ – 10′ / 1 219 – 3,048 mm
Mass Loading:
2,3 – 4,5 kg / 5 – 10 lb
in each cabinet
Frequency Response:
8 ohms
88 dB
Recommended Power:
20 – 100 W
Crossover frequency:
2.5 kHz, 2nd order
5.5″ / 140 mm long throw
1″ / 25 mm textile dome
Max SPL’s:
In average size listening room
(12′ x 20′ / 4 m x 6 m)
103 dB peak
(12′ x 15′ / 3,658 x 4,572 mm)
from pair at 7′ / 2 m
Dimensions (w x h x d):
6.3 x 33.5 x 9.5″
160 x 850 x 242 mm


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